Couples Classes

~Ignite your Intimacy~


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Friday June 28:   FULL

Wednesday July 10 . FULL

Friday August 16


Blessings Dear Couples,

    The intention of this evening is to ignite the energy of your presence and quality of touch through fun and loving neotantra practices.

      One of the many gifts we can offer to one another is presence and creativity in our intimate interactions.  With strong connection within our self, our natural ability to connect and flow with another becomes more graceful, intuitive, and Juicy.....YES!!!       

    Emily Weer is a certified Tantra teacher through the Chandra Bindu Institute and has been guiding yoga, meditation, tantra, sound healing, and wilderness therapy for over 20 years. Her love and joy radiates into the room in these moments and is known  to create a comfortable environment for you to experience the magic of tantra.

    This evening is fully clothed, designed for couples, and will explore practices that open connection and love as well as presence of touch and sensual communication with one another. Please connect with Emily if you have any questions via or on facebook messenger. 

Facebook event page:

$35 per person and will be limited to 4 couples.
Pre-registration is required.

Located @ 

10363 High Street    

Truckee, CA 96161

Please email
or Call 530-906-2886 to reserve your spot
Venmo: Emily Weer @

Light and Love to you all!!!


Tantra in Panama!

September 21-28, 2019 in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Tantra, Yoga, Kirtan, Tropical food, Quiet Beaches, Joy, Laughter and Love will all be alive and present at this sweet workshop through Esctactic Living. 

Facebook link to event HERE

Website to Location HERE

Registration and more details HERE

Free Tantra Tuesday class June 4 @ Sierraville! 6-8

Community Tantra Workshops in Truckee!

Essence of Tantra 

     This evening is an opportunity to explore the essence of tantra through self discovery, relationship to others, and ritualistic practice.  Through this lens of love, we tune into presence, our primal desire to love more authentically, and to face the walls that hold us back from fully diving in. 

     Most of us have experienced heartache, some form of sexual or relationship trauma as well as the many gifts love has to offer. You are not alone and there are beautiful ways to move into and through these held emotions. The reward is to awaken a new intelligence of loving on an even higher vibration!

     Many hear the word Tantra and various assumptions and expectations come up about what this practice is. One thing that seems consistent is curiosity. This is not a “sexual” practice in the way that our culture views sex. This is more about intimacy. Intimacy with your own self love and how that bleeds out into your connection to others. When we explore the range of what intimacy can be, we blow open the possibility of experiencing acceptance and pleasure in all moments of life!

     You are invited to come as you are, by yourself, with a friend, or with a lover.  This evening highlights the ability to be more present and accepting of what is unfolding in life and love and that is open to all ways of being.

     Emily Weer is a certified Tantra teacher through the Chandra Bindu Institute and has been offering various forms of healing work for over 21 years. Her way of sharing Tantra is sweet, comforting, and fun! Please know that Emily is available to answer any questions you may have about the evening and is excited to share her discovery of tantra with you all!  


Couples Tantra Series...Stay tuned for the next series!

Rekindle, Deepen, Explore, and become Ecstactic in your potential to LOVE..LOVE..LOVE!!

Stay tuned for the next one!

All relationships go through  waves of ecstacy and are not alone. Through this 3 week series together we take time to be present with one another and relax into the ufolding of your unique path to love.

Tantra Practices in this series include:


~Tantric Breathwork Practices

~Presence of Touch and Pleasure with a partner

~Awakening the energy of Shiva and Shakti within you as a couple

~Loving through Devotion

Limited to 5 couples so we have sacred and intimate space with one another. 

Regular rate is $200 per couple and is on a fall discount for $160 for this series only!!

Please email to register with Emily

Tantra Infused Cacao Ceremony

Availible for private Groups. Stay tuned for the next community event

Tantra Infused Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is the medicine of the heart and has this organic power to crack open our inhibitions and feel the true potential of our hearts flame. This evening, you will be served sacred Cacao from the mountains of Guetamala and lead on a tantra inspired journey of opening the heart. Moments of deeply connecting with yourself as well as others, giving, receiving, release,  opening....and fun are all weaved into this beautiful evening. This is absolutely open to, couples, yogis, curious ones...anyone interested in breaking down walls to invite more love/intimacy into their life. 

$25 in advance,  $30 at the door. Please registear in advance if you know you want to come! This helps me know how much cacao and goodies to bring. 

Connect with the Yoga Collective about Registration here

Please connect with any workshop questions to Emily at or 530-906-2886