Intro to Esalen Massage

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     Esalen massage is a presence based,          3 Dimensional modality of massage

Esalen massage is a presence based,  3 Dimensional modality of massage incorporating long flowing strokes throughout the session. Inspired by the natural rhythm of the ocean.

This integrative form of massages helps the receiver to feel themselves as whole and go into deep states of relaxation. The clients relaxed inner world assists in the bodies natural form of release.

This workshop is open to anyone!!
You do not have to be a therapist just have to have a curiosity in massage and a desire to be present with another.  

This evening will consist of a presence based body movement to ground into the space, an into to what Esalen massage is, and a demo to show how to perform the 3 dimensional long strokes on the back body.

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Couples Presence of Touch and loving Massage Class

The gift of time, presence, and touch with one another can be incredibly healing space to hold for one another. The intention of this evening is to open space to reconnect with one another, put intention into your touch, and explore some easy to learn massage techniques.

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