Private & Community Sound Healings

Private and Group Sound Healing Experiences:

Community Group Events: (More details below)

Tuesday November 6: Tahoe City @ The Yoga Room

Friday November 9: Kings Beach @ The Sanctuary

Sunday November 11: Grey Eagle @ Trails Within

Sunday November 18: Truckee @ Truckee Yoga Collective

Monday December 10: Kings Beach @ 5th Element Healing

Monday December 17: 6:30@

Sunday December 23: Martis Valley @ Martis Camp 

Monday January 7: Kings Beach @ 5th Element

Friday January 11: @ The Sanctuary, Kings Beach

Monday February 11: @ 5th Element in Kings Beach. Sound Healing and Reiki

Thursday February 20: Martis Camp (Private to Martis members and friends)

Friday March 3: The Sanctuary in Kings Beach 7-8:30

Monday March 18 = Reiki and Sound Healing at 5th Element in Kings Beach.

Individual Sessions:

Imagine laying on the infra-red, crystal bed with Tibetan bowls being played on your body, relaxing, allowing vibrations to clean out your being while Emily offers Reiki and clearing energy work. is Amazing!  Gongs may be placed on either side of you upon request.  

~Individual Sound Healing Sessions may be an experience all on it's own or an add-on to your regualar massage. More details on our massage/bodywork page

~Private Sound Healing Journeys for groups are Wonderful! Please contact Emily if you are interested in scheduling one at your home. 

Your own private session with tibetan bowls placed on your body.......release

Your own private session with tibetan bowls placed on your body.......release

Sound Healing/ Kirtan Events

Ceremonial Sound Healing March 3


The Sanctuary in Kings Beach

 Emily Weer and Andrew Demille


Back again to this beautiful space with beautiful people. The evening always unfolds in an incredibly authentic and healing way.

Sign Up

$25 advance:  $30 at the d

----Reiki & Sound Healing----Monday March 18


Kings Beach at 5Th Element Healing Center

6:30-7:45 Pm

Tahoe Sound Healing Meets Tahoe Reiki for a beautiful evening of healing. Emily and Andrew offer angelic sound healing while Marianne and another Reiki practicioner spend individual time with each of you offering Reiki. This is in a group setting and all are welcome  to this healing experience.

$40 offering

More details here:

Sacred Sound Healing Journey.. TBD


Tahoe Yoga and Wellness


An evening of vibration, love, and release.  

“The Sacred Love Elixir” welcomes you to close your eyes, breathe, deeply relax, and experience vibrational medicine permeating your mind, body, and spirit. 

Emily Weer and Andrew DeMille bring a shamanic influnced soundscape of ethereal tones, gongs, tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes, bells, harmonium, voice, handpan, mystical tongue drums, and a whole lot of love. 

With over 30 years of collective experience in the healing arts including energy work, meditation, yoga, tantra and bodywork/masssage, their love and connection to spirit shines bright in this unique offering to you.

10770 Donner Pass Road
Truckee, CA 96161

Restorative Yoga, Sound Healing & Live Music......TBA

Emily on her beautiful Harmonium

In Grey Eagle @ Trails Within Yoga Studio

Sunday November 11


Emily Weer and Emily Williams come together to offer this relaxing evening Gentle, long held poses supported by props are offered while Emily sings to you and plays her harmonium and many other sound healing instruments 

~~Reiki & Sound Healing~~ TBA


Truckee Yoga Collective

Lauri Glenn, Emily Weer & Andy DeMille.

An evening of vibrational and energetic love and healing. We invite you to simply arrive, breath, relax and receive this healing medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit. Lauri, Emily, and Andy offer a nourishing experience of Sound and Hands-on Healing.

Emily and Andy are both exceptional artists and are each Reiki attuned.  Together they will bring this energy into a shamanic-influenced soundscape of ethereal tones, gongs, singing bowls, flutes, chimes, voice, drum and harmonium along with a whole lot of love.

While you bask in the symphonic ambiance, Reiki Master Lauri Glenn will be providing potent and powerful Reiki energy healing, some hands-on and some hands-off, allowing life force energy to flow more easefully, bringing a greater state of joy, ease and harmony to ones entire being.

With over 50 years of collective experience in the healing arts including healing, meditation, yoga, tantra, massage, cranial sacral, physical therapy, and yoga therapy. Lauri, Emily, and Andy are honored to share this evening of connection and spirit with each of you. It is sure to be a night to remember.