Private & Community Sound Healings

Private and Group Sound Healing Experiences:

Community Group Events: (More details below)

Saturday April 6: 4:00-7:00 Mini Retreat at North Tahoe Events Center. INFO HERE

Sunday May 19: Sacred Yoga and Sound Healing with Emily Weer, Sarah Hannala, and Andy DeMille @ The Sanctuary

Sunday May 24: Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing with Emily Weer, Sarah Hannala, and Andy DeMille @ Alpenflow Studio

Weekend of May 21-June 2: Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival at Granlibakken. Emily is playing from 1-2:30 on Saturday. 

~Private Sound Healing Journeys for groups are available by request.

Individual Sessions:

     Imagine laying on the infra-red, crystal bed with Tibetan bowls being played on your body, relaxing, allowing vibrations to clean out your being while Emily offers Reiki and clearing energy work. is Amazing!  Gongs may be placed on either side of you upon request and can be an add on to your therapeutic massage. .  

*More details on our massage/bodywork page

Your own private session with tibetan bowls placed on your body.......release

Your own private session with tibetan bowls placed on your body.......release

Mini Retreat of Sound, Somatic Movement, Setting Intentions, and Community April 6, 2019

Restorative Arts and Yoga Festival May 31-June 2: Sound Healing Saturday 1-2:30

Sound Healing/ Kirtan Events

----Reiki & Sound Healing----Monday March 18


Kings Beach at 5Th Element Healing Center

6:30-7:45 Pm

Tahoe Sound Healing Meets Tahoe Reiki for a beautiful evening of healing. Emily and Andrew offer angelic sound healing while Marianne and another Reiki practicioner spend individual time with each of you offering Reiki. This is in a group setting and all are welcome  to this healing experience.

$40 offering

More details here:

Mini Retreat: Reiki, Sound Healing, Somatic movement, Creating Intentions...April 6


Journey from the Head To Heart Website and Registration Here:

Saturday April 6:  4:00-7:00

@North Tahoe Events Center in Kings Beach

A unique mini retreat of Healing through Sound Healing, Reiki, Creating Sacred Space, Setting Intentions, and building community during this April New Moon.

Lead by: Gyongyi Ridenour, Emily Weer, Andrew DeMille, Laurie Glenn, and Marianne Schneider


This collective of Reiki Masters, Teachers, Healers, and Musicians invite you to press pause for an afternoon to take the journey from our overactive cerebral space to the welcoming love of your heart. Our human nature often times gravitates towards living in the head. There is even a famous quote that states “The greatest distance in the human body is from the head to the heart”.  This beautiful treasure of your heart is ready to guide you along your divine path and this afternoon is created to help illuminate that pathway. 

   This New Moon in April is a time to put energy towards planting seeds of new beginnings, a time to pay more attention to your inner voice, a time to authentically know yourself.  Often times the best way to know ourselves is to allow time to slow down, breath, and be present so our inner voice speaks from the wisdom of our hearts. 

   In this experiential afternoon we will embark on a guided journey of setting intentions from you heart space, explore somatic movements to open blockages and free the body, connect with one another, and allow you whole being to rest and restore while live Sound Healing Music is played and Reiki Masters walk around to offer individual and group clearings. Open to everyone no matter your experience and will be a blend of light movement with moments of stillness. 

   We anticipate this filling up and would love you to be a part of this mini retreat.

Early bird pricing is available before March 30 @ $60

Tickets the week of @ $77

$99 day of and at the door. 

Sound Healing/ Sacred Yoga with Sarah Hannala, Emily and Andrew.......May 18


The Sanctuary in Kings Beach

 Emily Weer, Sarah Hannala, Andrew DeMille


Back again to this beautiful space with beautiful people....this time with Guest teacher Sarah Hannala! The evening always unfolds in an incredibly authentic and healing way.

Emily and Andrew will create the amazing soundscape as Sarah guides us through a very gentle and inspiring yoga process along the way. 

More details to come:

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$25 advance:  $30 at th

Sound Healing/ Restorative Yoga with Sarah Hannala, Emily Weer, and Andrew DeMillle.....May 24


Alpenglow Studio

Emily Weer and Andrew DeMille create the soundscape while Sarah Hannala guides you through a gentle, relaxing, and inspiring practice.

More details to come!

Sacred Sound Healing Journey.. TBD


Tahoe Yoga and Wellness


An evening of vibration, love, and release.  

“The Sacred Love Elixir” welcomes you to close your eyes, breathe, deeply relax, and experience vibrational medicine permeating your mind, body, and spirit. 

Emily Weer and Andrew DeMille bring a shamanic influnced soundscape of ethereal tones, gongs, tibetan bowls, flutes, chimes, bells, harmonium, voice, handpan, mystical tongue drums, and a whole lot of love. 

With over 30 years of collective experience in the healing arts including energy work, meditation, yoga, tantra and bodywork/masssage, their love and connection to spirit shines bright in this unique offering to you.

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Truckee, CA 96161