We have shifted this Retreat to a Morning Ritual on April 26

❀️Red Tent Weekend ❀️ All Inclusive Women's Retreat!


❀️Click  HERE  to find more details about our Half Day Virtual Gathering. 

We are so excited to still share this potent experience with all of you!

❀️We will annoucee the Fall date once life unfolds a little more. Many Blessings at this time. 

β™₯️ You are invited to a beautiful weekend of Self Love, Nurturing, Empowerment, and Sisterhood!

This weekend is all about awakening our Sensual Essence as a
woman and allowing our inner flame to come alive in a healthy and vital way.

The energy of the Red Tent is to remind each and every one of us that we are a radiant woman and have the ability to absolutely come alive! In this supportive and profound environment the journey is out of the inner critic that can wear us down and back to the heart where our gifts shine.

Emily and Katherine have created a woman only weekend infused with Sensory Awareness, Ceremony, Cacao, Chakra Awakening, Tantra Infused Practices, Delicious Organic Food, Live Music, Moments of Silence, and a Whole lot of Fun!

This retreat is held at a Private Residence on the Channel Islands Harbor and you are requested to stay in order to build and create a sacred container together. Meals and accommodations are included from Friday evening until
Sunday afternoon with some special treats along the way.
All you need is yourself and your willingness to release, grow, and illuminate.

Your teachers:

Emily Weer has 22+ years of experience in the Healing Arts and radiates an infectious love of life. She is currently based out of Lake Tahoe offering Bodywork, Sound Healing Experiences, and Teaches Yoga, Tantra, and Esalen Massage. Her wise teachings and joyful nature fill the room with a nurturing energy for people to go deep.  She carries an Associate Teaching certification of Neotantra through the Chandra Bindu Institute and expresses
an abundance of gratitude to her teachers, lovers, and friends that have helped her grow through the years.

Katherine Davenport has 19+ years of experience in the Healing Arts, including being a certified teacher of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Mastership, Shamanic Healing, and Spring Forest Qigong. She is also certified in NLP, Hypnosis, Healing Touch, and Kinesiology. Katherine’s curiosity of β€œthe amazing body intelligence” led her to study tantra. For the past 7 years she has been exploring this ancient practice, weaving it into her everyday life, and allowing the magic to unfold. She has
been inspired and blessed by many teachers, including Steven and Lokita Carter/ Ecstatic Living Institute and Dawn Cartwright/Chandra Bindu Institute. Katherine is a Certified NeoTantra teacher through the Chandra Bindu
Institute and has been initiated into the Sri Vidya lineage at Devipuram in Southern India.

History of the Red Tent:
Some of you may be familiar with the New York bestseller, The Red Tent, a novel by Anita Diamant published in 1997. It is a first-person narrative which tells the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob and his four wives in
biblical times. The story is focused around the Red Tent, an actual place where the women gathered during their menstrual time with initiation rituals, fierce nurturing, and sacred space to be together. Red Tents have seen a revival since the book came out and a lot of modern Red Tents have been formed. As with ancient times, women still face similar joys and turmoils. A Red Tent is where you celebrate the love and support of yourself and other women. It is a place to set down your everyday cares
and nourish yourself. A place to exhale. Lean into the love of sisterhood and remember the voice inside you who encourages you to keep unfolding into who you really are - spectacular, beautiful, and courageous.

Financial Exchange Includes:
5 Delicious Homemade Organic Meals
A weekend full of Experience and Wisdom
Full use of an eight person hot tub
Tantra practices
Live music throughout the weekend
Cacoa Ceremony
All supplies
Love, laughter, and fun
Quiet places to swing or sit by the ocean
One 30-minute follow up call with Katherine or Emily
The accommodation of your choice from the list below

Shared Triple room with shared full bath - Twin bed, sheets, blankets, pillow,
and towels - $425.00 pp

Shared Double room with shared full bath - Twin bed, sheets, blankets,
pillow, and towels - $475.00 pp
Private room with private full bath on yacht (at dock next house) - Queen
bed, sheets, blankets, pillow, and towels - $525.00 pp

What you are requested to bring:
*A journal to log this special weekend
*An object for the altar
*One bouquet of flowers that speak to you for our flower mandala creation
*Something comfortable to sit on such as a bolster, pillow, sheep skin.
*A favorite pillow to sleep with if you have one
*One Celebration Outfit for Saturday evening dinner (something that you
feel radiant in)
*Curiosity and Openness.

❀️ Contact Emily 530-906-2886 to reserve your space and see what room options are  available. 

Eventbright ticket link here 

You can save the fees and Venmo Emily@

Emily Weer @summitlotus

Retreat outside Sequoia National Park

Sex Actualization ❀️Postponed to the FAll!!! ❀️ Emily Weer is teaching Yoga and Dawn Cartwright is

Emily has Two Friends and Family Tickets! 

Message Emily if interested in those tickets. 

Facebook Event Page Here

The Sex Actualization SUPER AMAZING Retreat is filled with Sex Actualization practices + deep dive experiences + epic experiments + morning yoga + dance parties + relaxation + rejuvenation + incredible people + bonding moments + nature + hot springs = Best Retreat Ever.

Sex Actualization SUPER AMAZING Retreat . . .

We'll learn, practice, question and explore specific practices that cultivate a sexual charge in the pelvis.

We'll learn ways of activating the Kundalini and every aspect of who we are during lovemaking.

We'll investigate male and female arousal anatomy, taking a close look at regions that have been deleted from modern anatomy books.

We'll delve into the what, why, when and how of sexual chemistry, what it is, what it means and how to harness it - in every type of relationship.

And, we'll look at the parallels between academic Tantra research and live practice as we deepen our dynamic community through inquiry, exploration and sharing.

We've all experienced it at one time or another, the feeling of dissolving that deep sex brings.  A feeling that connects us to life in a way that is both powerful and mystical.  Could our sexuality be a means for actualising our human potential?  What is true sexual mastery?

What is Sex Actualization?

What to expect . . .

β€’ Learn specific techniques that will allow you to open up your body to experience completely what you are capable of as a sexual and spiritual being.
β€’ Learn about Tantra as a spiritual pursuit and journey.
β€’ Learn how to feel the sexual energy in your body and how to exchange it with a partner so that you merge together as one.
β€’ Learn how to surrender to a full body orgasm - to have access to your orgasm more naturally and easily than you do now.
β€’ Experience sexual energy moving through your body and learn how to make that happen.
β€’ Discover new ways of opening your heart and being vulnerable with another person - powered by your sexual energy.
β€’ Experience surrender and relaxation in high states of arousal.
β€’ Share your sexual self with your partner without fear - be completely yourself, completely honest, your most authentic self.
β€’ Discover your own personal Tantric quest, what can you expect to happen on the journey? Where are you going? What is possible for you?
β€’ Reconnect with your genitals and feel them pulsing with sexual energy and desire - awake to your aliveness.
β€’ Be completely present in sexual moments with no expectations of yourself or your partner, in joy, in gratitude – in just being - with no judgments.
β€’ Discover your sexual empowerment, learn how to give of yourself without fear.
β€’ Experience a heart that has opened, not through trying to be loving, but by allowing aliveness to flow through your body and feel vulnerable and full of love, love you can share with others easily and naturally.
β€’ Be truly intimate with yourself and others with your sexual energy as an incredible force of awakening and vitality.
β€’ And - I'll share some of what my journey has been and how it's unfolding. My goals for myself. The techniques I practice.

Sex Actualization SUPER AMAZING Retreat  
Vedanta Spiritual & Holistic Retreat . California Hot Springs . California
April 2nd - 5th . 2020
Thursday Dinner to Sunday Brunch
$1200 Per Person . Meals & Shared Lodging Included

Register now: www.dawncartwright.com

Super Amazing Payment Options:
$1000 . Early Bird Paid In Full No Later Than Dec 31st, 2019
$435 . Three Monthly Payments

A Day at the Sex Actualization SUPER AMAZING Retreat . . .

Awaken to the soft morning light spilling over the mountains.

7:00 am . Stretching + Breathing + Loving
Sun salutations. Osho dynamic meditations. And a nourishing restorative yoga savasana. A morning designed to open that giant heart of yours and fill it with LOVE.

8:30 am . Breakfast
Home cooked whole-grain cereals, avocado toast, vegan scramble, fruit smoothies.

10:00 am . What is Sex Actualization?
SUPER AMAZING Neo Tantra "sets" designed to make peak moments accessible and create-able. Mindfulness intimacy practices. Ecstatic energy cultivation and acupressure techniques. Loving communication. Intimate altruism.

1:00 pm . Lunch
Blissfully inspired vegetarian delights. Savory soups. Delectable salads. Loving you from the inside out.

2:00 pm . Free Time
Hike among the oaks in the rolling hills (we might even get another super bloom this year) or soak in the pools at the super quaint and historic California Hot Springs just a mile up the road.

3:30 pm . Wake Up Your Sexual Circuitry
SUPER AMAZING dance party. Thai massage. Ecstatic breath work. And a pleasure mapping practice that will change your relationship with your body forever.

6:30 pm . Dinner
A family-style vegetarian feast. Exotic flavors. Savory nourishment.

8:00 pm . Mystical Moments
SUPER AMAZING Divine Lovers cacao ceremony. Devotional Neo Tantra practices. Sacred space. Sensual awakening ritual. Candlelight. Mystery.

9:30 pm . After Hours @ the SUPER AMAZING Retreat
Tea and snacks by the fire. Hot tub under the stars. Deep rejuvenating sleep. Dream Tantric dreams.

Emily has a few FRIENDS & FAMILY TICKETS! 

Please message me 530-906-2886 if you are interested.