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*Donation Classes are on Zoom..Pacific Time 💜 Click the link after each description below to join

💜I am grateful for whatever donation you can exchange at this time. We are all in this together!

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Weekly Zoom Classes


Monday: 6:30 PM Relax and Restore Yoga and Sound Healing

A gentle practice to help you land into your body and allow your breath to cradle you.  Pranayama will be gentle and balancing, restorative poses help you to melt away,     

Zoom link:

Wednesday: 8:00 AM Rise and Shine Yoga.

A morning practice to open our hearts, connect with our breath, and  work out the kinks as we move our bodies, and land into deep presence with ourselves.  

 Zoom link:

Friday: 9:30 AM (Through Tahoe Yoga Studio) Align and Flow:

My usually morning practice to awaken the whole body and deeply connect to inner self.  Click link on

Sunday: 9:00 AM. Awakening Flow and Core Activation

A morning practice to  connect with our breath, awaken core strength, and  Move stagnant energy in the body.  

 Zoom link;

Live on Social Media

Meditation Monday 8:00 AM on Instagram

Meditation Monday 8:00 AM on Instagram

Meditation Monday 8:00 AM on Instagram

Light Pranayama and Meditation to start the day with deep connection to self

Tantra Tuesday 10:00 AM on Facebook

Meditation Monday 8:00 AM on Instagram

Meditation Monday 8:00 AM on Instagram

Every week is a new topic to start to unfold....What is Tantra?  Information and short practice create this fun and inspiring morning. 

Emily Weer on Facebook

Tahoe Spark: April 4 & 5

An Inspirational Online Summit of Experienced Healers and Teachers

Tahoe Spark

I have one friends and family discount ticket available still! 

Please message me if you re interested.

You are not alone.  It’s in our nature to crave connection with other humans! This is why Tahoe Spark has moved our healing retreat online – to bring people together during this tumultuous time in our lives.  We need each other now more than ever.

Join us for these calming, grounding and healing online sessions from sound healers, yoga teachers, energy workers and more.Y

Link for more info and  tickets info..please purchase through this link.