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Massage Classes: 
Offering presence of touch and quality massage technique

Couples M
assage Workshop:
We are offering a few couples Level 1 classes this summer/fall and will have more advanced classes this winter. The Level 1 class will be a prerequisite for more specific classes to come. 

Couples Massage Class: Level 1
Friday September 22: 6-9
$120 love offering per couple

10363 High Street
Truckee, CA 96161

This is an evening to connect with your partner in a sweet, sacred, and nurturing way.  Sacred union begins with connection...connection within ourselves as well as one another.  With this, we open the evening with a grounding meditation and a few partner exercises before we come into presence of touch. Emily will offer a full body massage demonstration in a way that is easy to learn and open to all levels of experience. You will then take turns on the massage table giving and receiving. Emily will guide you throughout the process and support you along the way. The intention is for you to walk away with a deeper understanding of how to touch one another with presence and help one another heal when our aches and pains in life come up.                                             *This is a basics class and a foundation for further couples massage classes to come!                                          *Chocolate, berries, tulsi rose tea, light snacks, and organic massage cream is provided.

*This is limited to 4 couples offering quality attention and guidance.  PREREGISTRATION IS REQUIRED  by calling 

(530)-906-2886 or emailing       

Teacher: Emily Weer

Emily Weer has been in the healing arts for 20 years offering bodywork, massage, sound healing, yoga, and meditation. She is delighted to share this healing practice to all you beloved couples out there. 


"This evening of couples massage absolutely deepened our relationship. I literally felt the love flowing from my partners fingers into my body as he practiced the techniques Emily taught. The connection that we experienced was profound, inspiring, sweet, and loving. We will be bringing this practice into our relationship to help deepend our intimacy and connection. Thank you so much Emily!"

"I have been causally giving my wife regular massage for several years now, but without proper knowledge of anatomy we found that I really wans't able to give her what she really needed. After one training session with Emily, my wife says that I have improved 500%. Just learning a few basic techniques has gone a long way! We'll definitely be doing more. Thanks Emily!"
                                           --Chad Wilkins

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